[Release] Chefville - unlimited Energy, ings, instant thyme etc. with Charles

Needfull things:
Secondary Account

1. open Charles

2. send a request from your primary account to your secondary account for any ingredient

3. Search in Charles for the folder http://fb.cooking.zynga.com, a snapi_proxy.php and a request.php?... right (behind the snapi_proxy) should appear
->The correct snapi_proxy.php has method:request.send in one of its fields

4. right-click both and select "edit"

5. lets first look at the editable snapi_proxy.php (select "Form" for best viewing)

5a. There should be a field called "params" with a pretty long value
5b. Copy the value into your favorite text-editor
5c. In this value should be 4 occurences of the ingredient you asked for written as ingredient_wildOnion for example (twice with a displayname subvalue behind, twice without)
5d. change these 4 to any ingredient you would like (of course leaving the displayName and number after the dotuntouched)

6. now look at the editable request.php?... (again use "Form" to view it)

6a. Here we see those 4 occurences again (this time much easier findable)
6b. change them again to the ingredient you really want (again without touching the text behind the dot in two places)

7. click execute on both requests

8. your secondary account should now have 2 requests: one for the original ingredient, and one for the ingredient of your choice

9. of course you can repeat steps 5-7 as often as you want with other ingredients and accept all _different_ ingredients at once in your secondary account

10. after you accepted the requests on your secondary account simply repeat the edited snapi_proxy.php's and request.php's in Charles and you can accept them again in your secondary account

But what are the names of the ingredients i hear you ask 

For this simply take a look at the first gateway.php in the folder http://client.cooking.zynga.com/flashservices of Charles.
There you select the response by the server and then AMF as view.
All ingredients are in the subfolder AMF Message/Body/[0]/Content/data/[0]/data/userInfo/player/stateVariables/stateVariables (a very long list including also parts)
Some examples: compound_ingredient_soySauce, ingredient_snowCrab, ROSES, ENERGY, INSTANT_THYME 

Caution: If you have a typo in one of your edited requests the chances are, that your secondary account is kind of destroyed and you can no longer accept any requests with it because the ZMC does no longer open
So better double check every change you made in the requests

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  1. Do u know how to fix the ZMC issue in farm ville 2